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Is it time to review your investment portfolio?

Successful investing is not only about allocating your savings and profits to various assets, but it is something more than that. It is very crucial to review your investment portfolio on a regular basis. If you fail to do so, then you might end up holding near-defunct companies, mutual funds that were risky and not easily redeemable, or shares which will never rise again, certainly not in the next five years.

If you are not aware of your investments, then you are exposed to more risk than you can ever handle. Your circumstances will also change over time and will affect your financial goals and risk profile. Without an intelligent investment adviser, and one who takes sufficient effort to manage your investments, and keep you informed, you could lose a lot of your investment. Sometimes it takes an independent person to show you the way to success, however one needs to have the right motivation to challenge your investment

At Mississauga Chartered Accountant, Charles Russell is an experienced investor and has contacts with many security advisers or mutual fund dealers.

Here is what we can do for you, if you are a client of ours:

-We can recommend to you top-notch advisers we know and trust;

-We can review your situation and evaluate your success or failure, and perhaps understand why, and explain our thinking to you;

-We can point you in the right direction. That means we can point you to a licensed investment representative who we trust.

The performance of your investment in the past should never be taken as a guide for future performance. It is only useful when reviewing the portfolio and examining the assets, which may be suffering from poor returns. Before you give up on any investment, you must consider why it has disappointed you. You need to think about making it better in the future. Your fund’s management objective or style could lag before it improves, if ever!

The problem with certain mutual funds are that they charge large fees including redemption fees. This becomes a “double-edged sword” when a fund has invested in poor stocks; You, the investor, may lose heavily, unless you react promptly!

Charles Russell self- manages his investing with TDWaterhouse, and subscribes to several investment support businesses: Online Barrons, Vector Vest, and Investor Business Daily. The writer has learned a lot and harvested favourable returns. TDWaterhouse is a great place in which to invest!

A mutual fund may change its mandate, which is the stated aim or objective; this may be due to any of various reason like the replacement of a manager. This will cause short-term uncertainty and undermine prices. It is up to you to decide, if the new mandate is suitable for your portfolio or if it is still contributing in the long term aims. A new manager might not change the direction of the fund, but if by chance the remit has changed, then you have to decide if it still suits you.

It is said with investing, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Think Amazon, Google, Apple, Intuitive Surgical, Costco! The rich got into these stocks very early, because they used smart people for their investing! What will you do? Doing nothing portends that you will gain “no thing”.

I am in the business of giving advice “not what to invest in” but with whom you should invest”.