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Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 18:00

Growth Specialist

Throughout recent times, CPA firms remain strong business advisors.  There are various reasons behind this, beyond the education prerequisite! A capable CPA draw experience from lessons learned over many years, many companies, a large base of  contacts, as well as peers and  mentors. . Here are some of the knowledge bases that  permits Charles Russell or Peter Russell to advise :

1. Assistance regarding financial matters, such as funding;

2. Accounting solutions, and, certainly, tax solutions;

3. Insurance plans; Annuities; Stock portfolios; Tax shelters and Employee Stock purchase Plans;

4. We keep up on new tax laws, such as the challenge to Small Business, Passive income and Personal Service Business companies;

5. We advise on affairs of Estate: income taxes, clearance certificates, Passing of Accounts, Estate planning;

6. Advice on software; advise on hiring employees versus self-employed individuals;

8. Forecasting and grant assistance;

9. International taxes- Moves in/out of Canada; Overseas work; Out-of province employment work;

10.Software knowledge;

11. Knowledge of the financial markets including stock markets US and Canada;

12.Constant professional development, educational courses