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All about Bookkeeping!!

As an astute business owner looking for a bookkeeper, one should aim for high skills in the accountant you choose, since anything else could be time wasted and money badly spent. We wish to cater to corporate clientele who favour hiring a part-time bookkeeper, but who, however has a substantially complex book of business, ideally with high ticket price of goods or services.

We at Charles Russell CPA have skills in several accounting software packages, such as Quickbooks, Sage , Newviews 2, or Excel. We offer extremely capable skills at $85-$135 per hour, dependent on complexity and frequency of reports required, or we may ask for a fixed monthly fee. For example, we have maintained a set of books for 25 years for a Canadian subsidiary of a US Co. The most flexible software, for use day-in day-out, for use by a skilled accountant is Newviews 2,  which was noted above.

We offer this type of support along with a set of know how to prepare formal financial statements and income tax returns. This is easy for us, however, the data you entrust to us must be organised. We only contract with reputable business persons.

If you need further understanding of our ideas, please read below, kindly.

Any transaction, whether it is about a purchase or about a sale, should be recorded somewhere safe. Timely and accurate records are assured by the set structures in place for bookkeeping, which are called quality controls. The prime objective is to record data on a daily basis into the books and the accounting system. For each and every transaction, there should be a document which describes the business transaction in a proper manner. This approach includes small things like sales invoices, supplier invoices, bank outlays, supplier payments, sales receipt and journals. These documents provide the audit trail for each and every transaction and are also an important part of maintaining correct and highly accurate records in the event of an audit. Bookkeeping is the initial step in the accounting stream, where documents are recorded in what was called “books of record”.

In a bookkeeping system, there will be a double entry system built-in, which is based on the fact that every transaction is consist of two parts. It follows that each transaction affects the two or more ledger accounts. In each transaction, there would be a debit entry in one account and an offsetting credit entry in the second account. This system serves the purpose of error detection, in that, at any instant, if the sum of debits is not equal to the respective sum of credits, the error is flagged!

With our software, we will perform the bookkeeping for you, give you reports on the results and carry the data forwards into financial statements and tax returns, seamlessly. You can leave your bookkeeping worries to us. We assure you that your confidential data will be properly logged in your records by capable hands.