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The partners at Mississauga Chartered Accountant are ready to provide you with reliable and cost-effective accounting services. With a wealth of experience, we welcome clientele including  individuals and small business owners, and we provide high-quality income tax preparation, including Notice to Reader financial statements and where necessary bookkeeping or data compilation. We have developed high-end knowledge of the Canada Income Tax law and provide solutions to clientele who are challenged by Canada Revenue Agency, or those who are facing challenges in income tax filings.

We are prepared to assist on your US income tax  filing issues, and cross-border matters, such as your possible move to/from USA or overseas.

A large portion of our business arises due to our skills with Ontario Estates. We prepare many Estate tax returns, known as  T3’s, as well as full-scale Passing of Accounts, often needed for complex or contested Estates .

It is important for any accounting firm to understand your business or individual accounting needs. We meet with our clients to determine what services will best achieve their financial goals and develop a road-map to help them get there.

With our strong Canadian economy and exploding globalisation, businesses have a unique opportunity to expand their reach around the world. We have qualified professionals who are experienced in international accounting and can help you navigate the complicated waters of international taxation laws. MCA will help you understand the tax implications of international trade so you can make your plans accordingly.

We believe in understanding the requirements of our clients and their unique needs. We will take the time to learn and develop an accounting strategy to improve the financial performance of your company.

When you are ready to take that next step in driving your financial future forward, give us a call or visit us anytime. We would be happy to meet with you. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now!